ESPN 50th Annual Meeting

ESPN 2017

Acute kidney injury


 The goal: To direct attention  on possibility of kidney disease in children who are active in  playing sport.In the  period of one month , March- April 2016., we  had three young men in the age of 17th because of the acute renal insuficiency. All three boys were healthy  and were active in sports. One of them was active in athletic, running, and the second  and the  third boy were regularly in gym. They were taken pills  to get a better results.

Material and methods:

 Methods:  We were trying  with anamnestic, clinical and laboratory methods  to find causes of the acute renal insuficiency.  From the anamneses  we got the  informations about active playing sports and regularly training in gym. All three of them took pills for achive better results of training. In laboratory results we were interested to see levels of urea and creatinin. We did ultrasound of kidney to all three of them  and in two patients biopsy of kidney.



 Results: Urea and creatinin were higher in all three patients ( urea 7,5-14-21-, creatinin 150-190-330,487-555-625). Ultrasound of kidney in two patients showed  kidneys normal position,  shapes  and sizes, hyperechoes parenchims. erased borders.   The third patient had  completely normal ultrasound of kidney. Biopsy of kidney in our two patients proved it was acute tubular necrosis. 


 Conclusion:   All three patients were in our department because they had acute renal insuficiency.. One patient had high level of urea and creatinin so he was on haemodialysis  during three days. Two patients also had therapy with bolus of corticosteroids. The third patient  only had antibiotic therapy. All three young men had fully recovery of kidney functions. How we  in spite of completely anamneses and treatments could not clearly find the cause of acute tubular necrosis , we should consider ,  like the  risk factors,  regularly  training and  pills which they were taken .